Our company is a solid and modern reality, which look for continuous efficient and new experiences. Xpresso is a brand created just for the production of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso* machines. Xpresso means Xperinece: a cuddle on the sofa, a magic walk after sunrise, a smile on the face of the person you love and the sound of the sea. Xpresso is the right way to begin every day or to have a sweet coffee break.
The available blends are listed below:
GOLD: Well balanced taste with hints of acidity and sweet flavour. Distinctive character and long lasting flavor.
INTENSO: Unique taste, with highly aromatic taste. It leaves a pleasant bitter aftertaste.
ESPRESSO: it is a perfect coffee ristretto, full bodied and with a strong taste.
DARK: highly creamy, with a strong and full taste.
UNGO: smooth and delicate flavor, with a particular captivating taste.
DEK: It is ideal for those who want to avoid caffeine without giving up the pleasure of tasting a good Italian coffee.
You can buy them in our e-shop. Don’t wait for it longer and try out unique xpresso products… are you ready for the xperience?
*Marchio appartenente a terze parto, non ricollegabile in alcun modo al produttore autonomo Torrefazione Poli s.r.l. La Compatibilità delle capsule xpresso è funzionale all’utilizzo sulle macchine nespresso e non sostituisce l’utilizzo delle capsule originali.