The development of the company


The company
Our Company was founded by Giuseppe Poli in 1962. Mr. Poli nurtured his passion for coffee and he soon converted it into a successful business. We buy the best quality of green coffee from the most renowned markets. Then, we create blends of high quality to satisfy all our customers.
Our company is provided with the most modern and efficient equipment. Our success relies heavily on the high quality of the product, the competitive cost and the continuous evolution of the final product.
Torrefazione Poli has developed a long experience in the art of roasting. Nowadays, it is a dynamic, solid and modern company, already deeply established in the italian market and strongly oriented to foreign markets.
The Mission
Caffè Poli has been synonymous of the classic tradition of the Italian espresso for more than 50 years. Our blends are made exclusively from the best species of Arabica and Robusta. The production is carefully monitored at every single stage of the process: starting from the right selection of raw materials and the roasting, to the sale of the final product. Every product is ready to be launched on the market only after a careful analysis. Expert tasters certify the excellence and the right agreement with the highest quality standards.
The Group
Nowadays, our Group is structured in three different companies: Torrefazione Poli, C House Coffee Shop & Lounge Cafè and Nero Aroma. Each sector gives rise to a different coffee experience. However, the same passion and excellence are at the base of the final product.