Quality and Certification


Our quality division does every day many strict controls to examine the origin of the green coffee and, also, of the final products. We do so many exams trying to fulfill the market with the highest quality that is possible to realize. For the first thing we take a sample of green coffee and we do the control of the possible defects of the beans. Then, we roast the sample and we do the visual analysis, the olfactory analysis and, at the end, the tasting exam.
In this last phase our experts analyze the aroma, the body, the aftertaste of the flavour and the balance among the three. Only if the blend passes all the exams in respect of the maximum level of quality, we sell the products to the market.

Torrefazione Poli decided to be certified ISO 9001, in order to guarantee quality service to its customers and achieve continuous performance improvement. This certification allows to achieve improvements in the working environment and, therefore, greater satisfaction by the customer. The ISO 9001 is a way to organize in a systematic manner to pursue the improvement of the quality of the product / service and the organization. The ISO 9001 certification, which structure is oriented to quality as customer satisfaction and streamlining of the organization, is synonymous with quality, reliability and commitment to maintain his promise.