Quality and origin


Every year we select the best origin of coffee from all over the world and we create blends that are able to satisfyall our customers
The main quality of coffee are:
Arabica: is grown from 900 to 2,000 meters. The characteristics are the taste that is similar to fruit and honey, the acidity and lightness.
Robusta: is grown between 200 and 300 meters. It is characterized by the smell of wood, earth, leather and jute. It has a bitter and astringent taste.

The main producers are Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Guatemala, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya and India.
In the world coffee market, Italy is in fifth country importing raw coffee, after USA, Germany, Japan and France. Italy is the second largest exporter of roasted coffee and now, in our country, there are about a thousand roasters.
le piante del caffè hanno fiori bianchi da cui hanno origine le bacche  la raccolta delle ciliegie rosse del caffè è migliore se fatta a mano  le più importanti piantagioni di caffè sono in Sud e Centro America
la ciliegie rosse da cui deriva il caffè sono raccolte con metodo picking   il grani di caffè verde vengono setacciati e selezionati  il miglior caffè verde viene inviato alle torrefazioni per la tostatura