The collection of the green coffee


There are two different way to collect green coffee; the picking and the stripping.
The picking is done directly by hand, selecting only the mature cherries. Obviously, it is the best method of collection to have a careful selection. With the method of picking, that is indispensable for the "washed" coffee, the harvest is performed to many times to ensure the collection of all and only the ripe cherries.
la raccoltà del caffè avviene spesso con metodo picking
The stripping can be manual or mechanized and it is the most economical method. The collection with the stripping method is necessary to produce "natural" coffee. The crop presents a considerable dishomogeneity of the ripening of the grains and it means that after the collection there will be several controls to separate the grains.
il caffè raccolto con le macchine ha molti residui di foglie e rami


The coffee can be washed, that is based on a faster separation of the pulp from the grain. This process is used for the coffee harvest with the picking system, because they are already selected at the origin.
The natural method, is based on the leaving the coffee in the sun from 25 to 30 days. After this time, the dry cherry is separated from the grain. This system does not allow an accurate selection of the coffee. The resulting product is of medium to low quality and is generally used for local consumption.


il caffè verde viene essiccato al sole